Desert Flower Filmproduktion GmbH is a Munich based feature film production company owned and run by
producer Peter Herrmann.


After studying ethnology in Munich, Peter Herrmann began working as a documentary filmmaker and
producer. His first feature-length documentary GIN FÜR DIE GÖTTER about voodoo rituals in West Africa premiered at Filmfest München. In 1994 he co-founded the Munich-based production company MTM,
where he produced his Oscar®-winning feature film NOWHERE IN AFRICA. From 2004 onwards he has
also been working for Desert Flower Filmproduktion GmbH and TERRANIA FILM GMBH.

The first feature film he oversaw as executive producer was the story of 1920s mass murderer
Fritz Haarmann, directed by Romuald Karmakar. DEATHMAKER received the German Film Award
for Best Director as well as Best Film, and Götz George was awarded the Coppa Volpi for his achievements
as lead actor in a feature film at the Venice International Film Festival.

Numerous productions followed, including Roland Suso Richter’s A HANDFUL OF GRASS, which won the
Cannes Junior Section in 2001, Jan Schütte’s FAT WORLD and the award-winning two-part TV production

Peter Herrmann had already secured the rights to NOWHERE IN AFRICA before the book became a
bestseller and asked Caroline Link to direct the project. The film won not only the German Film Award in
several categories but also multiple awards at international festivals and was honoured with the Oscar ®
for best Best Foreign Language Film in 2003.

His next project saw Peter Herrmann return to Africa, together with writer/director Sherry Hormann, to tell
the life story of Somalia-born supermodel Waris Dirie. DESERT FLOWER was not only a hit at the German
box office but also sold well internationally and won several awards.

Hormann and Herrmann again collaborated on his next feature, THE PURSUIT OF UNHAPPINESS, a poetic romantic comedy starring Johanna Wokalek, Iris Berben, Richy Müller and David Kross, and inspired by Austrian-American psychologist and philosopher Paul Watzlawick’s bestseller “The Situation Is Hopeless, But Not Serious”.

His second collaboration with Caroline Link, shot in Morocco, and starring Ulrich Tukur and Samuel Schneider in a moving father-son drama, follows the protagonists as they search for and find each other in the remote desert landscapes. EXIT MARRAKECH was premiered as the opening film at the Filmfest München and was scheduled for release in Germany in fall 2013.


1989 Gin für die Götter
1994 Polizeiruf 110 – Ghosts
1994 Tatort – Perfect Mind: Inside the Labyrinth
1994 Tatort – Class-War
1995 Deathmaker
1998 Fat World
1998 Die Bubi Scholz Story
2000 A Handful of Grass
2001 Nowhere in Africa
2002 Olga’s Summer
2002 Der Felsen
2003 Hip Hop: A Tale from the Hood
2009 Desert Flower
2012 The Pursuit of Unhappiness
2013 Exit Marrakech

Exit Marrakech
Nowhere in Africa
The Deathmaker
Best Foreign
Language Film