Desert Flower Filmproduktion GmbH

Die Desert Flower Filmproduktion GmbH ist ein Produktionsunternehmen des
Produzenten Peter Herrmann mit Sitz in München.

In Entwicklung:

Thabo: Der Nashornfall
So long Marianne

Filmografie (Auswahl):

2013 Exit Marrakech
2012 Anleitung zum Unglücklichsein
2009 Wüstenblume
2003 Hip Hop: A Tale from the Hood
2002 Der Felsen
2002 Olgas Sommer
2001 Nirgendwo in Afrika
2000 Eine Hand voll Gras
1998 Die Bubi Scholz Story
1998 Fette Welt
1995 Der Totmacher
1994 Tatort – Klassen-Kampf
1994 Tatort – Perfect Mind: Im Labyrinth
1994 Polizeiruf 110 – Gespenster


Desert Flower Filmproduktion GmbH

Desert Flower Filmproduktion GmbH is a production company owned by producer and managing partner Peter Herrmann with headquarters in Munich.

In development:

Thabo: Der Nashornfall
So long Marianne

Filmography (selection):

2013 Exit Marrakech
2012 The Pursuit of Unhappiness
2009 Desert Flower
2003 Hip Hop: A Tale from the Hood
2002 A Map of the Heart
2002 Olga’s Summer
2001 Nowhere in Afrika
2000 A Handful of Grass
1998 Die Bubi Scholz Story
1998 Fat World
1995 Deathmaker
1994 Tatort – Klassen-Kampf
1994 Tatort – Perfect Mind: Im Labyrinth
1994 Polizeiruf 110 – Gespenster


Desert Flower

Mysterious, proud, beautiful: When the young Somali Waris Dirie is discovered in a London fast-food restaurant by star photographer Terry Donaldson, the international fashion world enthusiastically celebrates the birth of a new top model. But behind the glamorous facade lies a deeply moving fate. Born in the African desert, Waris grows up in a constant struggle for daily survival. When she is to be forcibly married off at the age of 13, she flees to escape her father's will. She wanders through the desert for days until she finally reaches the Somali capital, Mogadishu. Her mother's family takes her in protectively and gets her a position as a maid in the Somali embassy in London - where she is not allowed to leave the house for years.

When she is threatened with return to Somalia a few years later, Waris flees again. She goes into hiding in the metropolis, keeps her head above water with odd jobs and finds a friend and confidante in the lively saleswoman and bon vivant Marilyn.

But then she discovers Donaldson ... and a fairy tale comes true: the designers are all over her, the jet set and the press love the nomadic girl who has found her way out of the desert dust and onto the world's most famous catwalks. Waris Dirie becomes one of the best-paid models in the world. But for all her success, Waris is always haunted by the shadows of her past, burdened by the secret of her childhood. At the height of her career, she tells in an interview about the cruel tradition of female circumcision, of which she herself was a victim as a little girl.

The publication triggers a wave of sympathy and protest and Waris decides to dedicate her life to the fight against this ritual...

Peter Herrmann
Director and screenplay:
Sherry Hormann
Ken Kelsch
Clara Fabry
Martin Todsharow


Liya Kebede: Waris Dirie
Sally Hawkins: Marilyn
Timothy Spall: Donaldson
Juliet Stevenson: Lucinda
Craig Parkinson: Neil
Anthony Mackie: Harold
Meera Syal: Pushpa
Prashant Prabhakar: Kami

Prices (selection):

Bavarian Film Award 2009 (Producer)
TCM Audience Award - Festival De San Sebastián
Nominatio German Film Award 2010 - Best Feature Film: Peter Herrmann